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The Fascinating Myths of Mermaids

The sea has been for thousands of years an inexhaustible source of myths, beliefs and creations that have forged our culture and our collective identity. The fishermen, the navigators, all those who went into the dangers and secrets of the sea, always did it with a mixture of adventure, fear and respect for an aquatic immensity of which we did not know much, and that still now projects a great amount of manifestations and mysteries that resonate in our culture, and that are articulated in representations of popular religiosity, stories, taboos and belief in fantastic beings.

This great legacy, this cultural continuity of many centuries, is what now addresses an exhibition in the Naus de la Drassanes – occupying a total of 350 square meters – organized by the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, ??and we invite you to visit to discover the force of mythology associated with the sea. The exhibition Siren songs, fascination and abyss, curated by the expert Eliseu Climent, can be visited from November 20 until next May 16, and will remain open every day of the week, from 10 to 20 hours, at Ticket price of 10 euros (and free on Sunday afternoons).


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