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IN-EDIT is an international network of film festivals related to musical documentary.
Since its creation in 2003, IN-EDIT has organized 36 editions in different countries of the world, exhibiting more than 600 musical documentaries and mobilizing more than 80,000 spectators.
IN-EDIT is also a cultural dissemination platform specialized in musical documentary and other audiovisual genres focused on music, and acts as a distributor, rights manager and producer. In addition, through IN-EDIT TV, it is also a web platform of videos on demand.

This year IN-EDIT is preparing for its 17th edition, which will be located in the Aribau Multicines from October 24th to November 3rd. As usual, the team has selected the best musical documentaries of the year: magnetic stories such as David Gonçalves; a professional faddist who walks his melancholy through the streets of Lisbon (‘Vadio-I am not a poet’, by Stefan Lechner), and new visions about the life and work of myths like David Bowie (‘David Bowie: Finding name’, by Francis Whatley), Miles Davis (‘Miles Davis – Birth of cool’, by Stanley Nelson) and the couple formed by Marianne Ihlen and Leonard Cohen (‘Marianne & Leonard – Words of love’, by Nick Broomfield).

The musical genres played by the festival are as varied as the selected stories: we go from drone music to Sichuan opera and from the protest song to synthwave.


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